How to choose a custom paint for your sports car

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Few things can improve the appearance of your car as much as a good paint job. Just as easily, a bad paint job will have you regretting the day you chose to redesign and will force you to fix the issues through expensive procedures.

If you’re thinking of getting some custom paint for your sports car, know that there’s a lot more to it than simply picking a good color scheme. Continue reading

Reasons to purchase a Chevy Camaro

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Everyone who knows quality vehicles also knows that there’s no car like the American muscle car. Considered by many to be a miracle of engineering, muscle cars pack all the power of a quiet pickup truck while looking every bit as slick as a Japanese coupe.

But which one should you own? Since most of us can’t have collections of expensive cars, choosing the right muscle model is imperative to living easy on the road. Here are a couple of good reasons to purchase a Chevy Camaro and stick to it as the years go by. Continue reading

Best tint for your sports car

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Car tints get negative rep sometimes as some associate tinted windows with mobsters and other menacing individuals. In fact, many states have precise laws regarding the amount of tint allowed on a person’s vehicle in order to prevent the driver from concealing his or her appearance.

If you’re getting a sports car tint, there are several considerations to make even if the decision seems unimportant. Continue reading

Best custom audio for your sports car

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Owners of sports cars have certain expectations to live up to: their rides are meant to be swift, attractive and loud. The last point doesn’t just come from the powerful engines of these machines – the car’s audio system has something to do with it, too.

While most cars feature an audio player that can blast music uncomfortably loud, true car enthusiasts find that there’s no replacement for the lively sound of a custom car audio system. Continue reading